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5G Society with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

5G Society with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

5G is the next generation of mobile communication technology considered to revolutionize our society. Up to 100 times faster than 4G, potential to connect everyone, provide faster data speeds, lower latency, and broader bandwidth, ability to link from wireless and data hungry IoT devices to smartphones, provide high speed and capacity for connectivity, 5G is creating ample opportunities towards society. If we talk about how 5G will benefit society, then answer would be 5G’s faster connectivity speeds, ultra-low latency, and greater bandwidth. These opportunities will make our society advanced and enhance day-to-day experiences.

The key functional drivers of 5G will unlock a broad range of prospects, including the optimization of service delivery, decision-making, give consumers access to more information faster than ever before, help enable connected cars, and end-user experience like give experiences to the students to invigorate education and support artificial intelligence (AI) in public safety. In addition, 5G has the capability to transform several industries and create several new job opportunities in manufacturing, transport, healthcare, retail, AR/VR, immersive/cloud gaming. So now let us see how will 5G benefit society along with Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in details.

Here are the ways society will get benefitted through 5G.

Smart City:

When a city is connected to the network such as 5G to improve city’s infrastructure such as public transport services, public transportation, light management, fuel efficiency, etc. AI-enabled urban administration technology is the main feature on which smart cities are depenant. This means citizens across smart cities can tweet, post images, and send messages when they face any problem regarding the smart city infrastructure, which will be directly connected to the control room through 5G network, so that a maintenance team will be deployed immediately to fix the problem. For instance, with 5G, smart cities employed with IoT sensors can track air quality, enhance traffic conditions, and connected hospitals can virtually diagnose the issues of patient and treat those with hands-on treatments.


Whether it’s distance education or classroom learning, 5G is very much reliable. The network has a high bandwidth with low latency that is useful to cater to the requirements of remote-controlled laboratories, lecture archiving, remote studying, robot-controlled classrooms, and many more applications.

Automated Vehicles:

5G technology is key for the development of automated vehicles which means no human driver will be inside an automated vehicle. 5G has the potential to allow trucks and cars to interact with one another so that drivers will be alerted about potentially hazardous situations if anything is identified by them. Automated vehicles or connected vehicles can also interact with intelligent infrastructure such as alerting a traffic light ahead of congestion, enhancing safety, and enabling more effective traffic routing.


The agriculture sector is the most essential one to take care of properly as it provides harvests for our survival. Thanks to 5G by which growing plants and interference of animals in the farming land will be controlled by farmers. In other words, 5G can provide reliable high-speed internet to rural areas that will enable farmers to virtually use advanced farming measures to safeguard the environment and allow for more sustainable agricultural production. With 5G, farmers will be able to monitor weather, soil, and crop conditions, and reduce the duration of production cycles by hastening the planting, growing, and harvesting operations, production cycles, etc.


5G is one of the most significant technological advancements or an important technological development that will serve smart cities, connected homes, automated manufacturing, automated vehicles and many more. When 5G is already there to open many more opportunities, we should perform network testing continuously to maintain a stable network. Here comes RantCell, which is designed not only to identify network related issues but also does network surveys on QoE and QoS measurements. This tool can be easily installed in any Androd or iOS device to conduct the network test automatically and get the results through RantCell dashboard with near real time.

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