8 Ways to Inexpensively Organize a Holiday Party at Home

8 Ways to Inexpensively Organize a Holiday Party at Home

Many people celebrate holidays at home. Here are interesting ideas on how to organize a meeting with loved ones inexpensively and originally. To learn more about online costumes please visit Blossom Costumes.

Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Dish or Drink

This way you can save on groceries and not waste time on cooking. It’s important to agree in advance who brings what, so that the table doesn’t have four identical salads. You can discuss the details of the party in advance, organizing a chat in one of the messengers.

An alternative option is to have a cocktail party. You can ask each guest to bring their favorite drink and ingredients for a cocktail, not necessarily alcoholic. Cocktail recipes should be chosen in advance.

Ask Everyone to Come in Themed Costumes

It’s important to choose a party theme in advance: It could be:

  • A famous book (e.g. Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter).
  • A movie (e.g. “The Fifth Element”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Avatar”).
  • A period from the past (e.g., the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s).
  • Region of the world (Caribbean, India, Japan, Africa, America).

Ask guests to dress in costume according to the theme of the party or simply to bring a detail – such as a mask, bandana, eye patch, or superhero T-shirt.

You can pick up some board games to go with the theme. Or make your own quiz on thematic slang. It’s even more fun if the guests explain in gestures.

Arrange a “Quiet Room”

At a party, it’s best to use all the rooms and the kitchen so guests don’t feel trapped. Each room can be decorated and create a different atmosphere there. You can even make special signs. If there are several rooms or even one room, but there is another room – in it it’s worth organizing a space of silence.

Those who need to talk on the phone, play at http://play-juicy-fruits.com alone, or those who want to be in silence or the first to go to bed will be delighted. And no extra money needs to be spent for that.

Make Colored Dough

This is a simple activity that’s suitable for absolutely any party – family or with friends. You need to knead a lot of dough, divide it into several parts and add a different brightly colored food coloring to each part.

All guests can make something out of the colored dough together. It’s convenient to use molds for this purpose. The best options for molding are cookies. Then everyone can take part for sure. And then everyone can try each other’s products. You can have fun and inexpensive treats.

Think of a Unique Hashtag

Search the social networking site for a fun hashtag about the theme of your party that no one has yet had time to occupy. It should be posted in a prominent place in the main room, such as on a Post-it or chalkboard.

Ask guests to tag all of their posts and stories from the party with this hashtag. This will encourage guests to make fun content, and it will make for fond memories of the holiday: all the content will be combined in one place.

Ask Each Guest to Bring a Lantern or Candle

It will be atmospheric to dim the lights when it gets dark and light a few lanterns at once. These can be both candles and scented lamps. The flames of the fire will give mysterious reflections on the walls and ceiling. Only it’s important to take care of safety: do not leave candles and aroma lamps unattended.

Invite a “Fortune Teller”

If the company has an artistic person, he can play the role of a fortune teller at the party. It will be interesting if he wears a costume that will change it beyond recognition, and the other guests will not immediately understand who it is.

For him, you need to allocate a table and put the entourage. This can be anything: a glass balloon, a Tesla balloon, or even just candles and some pot of “potion”. Let everyone have some fun and enjoyable magical predictions.

Sing Along

If you or one of your guests plays some kind of musical instrument and sings well, ask him or her to bring an instrument and sing something. These can be well-known songs that everyone will sing along to, and you’ll get just your soulful version of home karaoke.

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