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A comprehensive guide to tactical pens

A comprehensive guide to tactical pens

The world can be dangerous, and keeping yourself safe is crucial. You might never know where the attack can come from. So, you must carry self-defence gadgets or tools. One such tool is the tactical pen or tac pen. But what exactly is it? Also known as a survival pen, it consists of a pressurised cartridge and extra-sharp ballpoint. In addition, it comprises a blunt end, which can break through several barriers, including glass. An aluminium body or machined steel gives the pen more weight. You can also find features such as a handcuff key, lasers and light in these pens. To know more about them, you can read this article.

Are the tactical pens effective?

Tactical pens can be used as defensive tools, even though they might seem novel. But are the pens effective? Get to know all about it below 52av.

  1. It can help you strike effectively: The limited-range weapon pen can help spot the target like the groin, face and neck. If you want to strike effectively, make sure that you maintain a firm grip. With this weapon, it is necessary to use more power for a huge impact, making grip highly important. It is essential to strike before you search for a safe place from your target.
  2. It allows you to block, parry and evade: Many bad guys use tactical skills to know the location of the victims. Plus, they also use a great weapon to attack them in that location. It means that they might be well aware of their whereabouts before striking them. Sometimes, you might have to react quickly by blocking, parrying and evading. A block is a single force vector that impacts or meets against another. Two force vectors meet when they move towards each other, decreasing the movement further. In case of an incoming strike, block it with your hands and strike with the tactical pen. When a single force vector redirects or follows behind another one, it is called a parry. So, if someone tries to strike you, your pen and hand must be utilised simultaneously to redirect or parry and strike. To evade or evasion allows you to step out of the way when someone tries to grab or attack.
  3. It can be deployed rapidly: Tactical pens can be deployed quickly to buy you sufficient time to get away. In addition, they are capable of tearing, throwing and thrusting.

How to choose tactical pens?

Tactical pens are ideal weapons and useful in accidents. You can check the following if you want to know what features to look for.

  1. Attachment clip: The attachment clip is crucial in several tactical pens and helps you to get into action easily. In any attack, the pen must be close at hand. You can ensure access from your purse, backpack or pocket with an attachment clip. You can shop for attachment clips with the pen or separately. Moreover, you can look for carabiner-style, paracord and key-ring attachments.
  2. Construction: Investing in titanium and aluminium is an excellent option. After all, they are robust and rigid and carry out various functions of a self-defence weapon and pen. You must not purchase cheap ones since they have low-quality construction and can break easily.
  3. Grip: The grip of the pen must not be challenging to hold. Hence, it must have a non-abrasive and knurled quality. Buying quality pens will benefit you because of their durability and proper grip.

Looking for tactical pens for self-defence will be a huge advantage and can save your life under challenging scenarios. They are an innovative tool, easy to carry and small.

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