Aesthetic surgery according to Asian people beliefs

Aesthetic surgery according to Asian people beliefs

Asians (in the eyes of Westerners it is often seen) if they have to do surgery despite having to have a nose: the nose is not prominent, the bridge of the nose is relatively low, the wings of the nose are open, but less than the African people. 

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Relatively short nose, eyes: small eye socket, single eyelid or double eyelid, not deep eye socket. Facial features: high cheekbones, face is quite square. Analysis between Chinese people, Japanese people, Korean people. It’s a little different if we work at the airport. or work as a receptionist We can distinguish that this is not Thai. (For doctors who have been abroad many times When I got on the plane, there was no one. Wrong message. Everyone doesn’t speak Thai. They speak English with the doctor. The doctor with a typical Thai face is the one who speaks English with the doctor. because the person speaking is a receptionist in another nation. I’m not a foreigner.)

Chinese people, wide forehead, small and shallow eyes and sockets. Eyelids are small, about 6-8 millimeters, high cheekbones, and the nose is not prominent. The wings of the nose are quite open. (Compared to westerners) The face is quite square.

Japanese people’s eye sockets are slightly wider and deeper than Chinese people. Double eyelids, cheekbones are not high. The nose is more prominent and the arch at the end of the face is less square than the Chinese

Korean people, if it is said that according to the original Koreans look like Chinese people. but has smaller eyes and relatively large cheekbones. The nose is not prominent but long. and more square faces. But if it is said that now the faces of Korean people are going to look like a mix between Asian and Latino is that the eyes are bigger, the nose is prominent, the tip emphasizes Western-style narrow wing-nose Small cheekbones, oval face.

Levels in Thailand, celebrities, beauty queens, pretty

Thai people have wide forehead, wide eye socket, double eyelids, eye layer thickness about 8 mm, nose is not prominent, nose bridge is in the middle of the eyeball, nose length is moderate. The wings of the nose are quite open. Cheekbones are not very large. Shape The face is halfway between oval and square.

Most Thai celebrities have wide foreheads. The eyes are quite sharp. and the tip of the tail of the eye sees up (Many people call it swan’s eye). The nose is quite prominent and long. There will be a water stop or not, depending on the popular type. The wings of the nose are not very blooming. Most importantly, everyone has an oval face.

Miss Thai, wide forehead, big round eyes, not pointed (of course, love children), natural high nose, high cheekbones, oval face. (Smile, you have to smile. This Siamese smile is free)

Pretty, pretty girls tend to have rather sharp eyes. Eyes closed at the tip of the eyes open (slightly clenched eyes, a little sexy, moderate) The nose is very prominent, has a droplet tip, the face is oval to really pointed. And what I have written here is just trying to analyze the faces of people of each race to see that beauty has many different types, different people, different minds, different platforms, and different approaches to judge. In addition, foreigners of different languages ​​have different preferences for beauty. The same goes for celebrities, beauty queens, and pretty. Many patients sometimes bring pictures of celebrities to show. Sometimes they bring a picture of a pretty girl to look at. And ask, can you do it?

You must answer that you can, but your heart doesn’t like it. and will explain to the patient Back to the fact that the beauty of each person is different, many good doctors do their beauty in celebrity style. Many other doctors do pretty well. Some doctors do beauty in beauty queen style. But for writers, it would be a kind of home-style beauty. common people living in society But doing it makes you look better and prettier. When I see this question, it reminds me of my childhood art classes. that sculpture How is the sculpture work if our minds are? Our work turned out like that. Buddha statues in each era different faces because the potters in each era had different minds

In addition, there is also the matter of ethnicity that the doctor would like to share with each other (white and beautiful Thai people who go abroad, foreigners do not look, but Thai people with cocoa skin are hoarse, foreigners whistling to tease each other). A patient from Singapore comes to the clinic for surgery. The doctor was quite surprised. Why not do plastic surgery in Singapore? The writer thought that it would be very expensive there, but “Secret said he had money to do it, but he didn’t do it in Singapore. because the writer then asked why not do it in Korea. Thai people fly to Korea to do a lot. He replied, “I don’t like Korean stars, not beautiful, not handsome, Thai stars are not very beautiful.” Then he picked up. The iPhone slides out pictures of Thai celebrities to look proud instead of Thai people. Singaporeans like Thai stars. Thai people like Korean stars. Koreans don’t like Japanese people, Japanese people like them, whatever. If you love Thai and popular Thai, support Thai, Thai nation will prosper. (This is close to the cherry blossoms. I miss Japan.)

Pretty and life trapped.. from the news that happens every now and then. About surgery, for example, “Doctor Thuan injects collagen until she’s pretty like a sleeping princess”. After reading this news, I’m quite sad because I understand the younger ones. Pretty why they have to want to be beautiful, want to be white, want to be prominent, want to bounce because the doctor himself has talked to many patients. you (which many You are pretty.) They have a need for their appearance, body shape, if they don’t have surgery, they won’t get a job, no money, or no employment. Working pretty as a supplement to many regular jobs People know it’s risky Know it’s scary, know it’s dangerous. (Not that they don’t know that fillers are bad, glutathione is bad, dangerous, they really know. And glutathione is not bad. Glutathione is useful Glutathione is usually used to treat patients with liver disease. with a malfunctioning condition to work normally But glutathione has a side effect from eating or injecting as well, that is, causing the body to produce less melanin or melanin, causing people to eat or inject glutathione for a long time. They lack melanin in their communication like normal people.) But for the job, they can afford to take the risks of that surgery, whether big or small. It’s both risky and painful, and that’s it. Everyone tends to recite a spell to console themselves that they endure it. Hold on. Wait. It’s beautiful. Must endure through the time of the chrysalis. (Didn’t go out and hide, stayed in the house until the swelling disappeared, green) until finally becoming a beautiful butterfly Let’s get back to the news a bit. After following the news There has always been an issue that was unsettled from the information received from the news !!!! The aforementioned substance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not been registered as a drug formula in any way. As the news release No. 129 on September 20, 2012, it was news for the press by the Public Relations Group, Consumer Potential Development Division, the Food and Drug Administration, titled “FDA warns young women not to trust collagen injections for beauty enhancement. In addition to receiving illegal injections May cause severe allergic reactions that are life-threatening” as detailed below. (You can search for more information on google with the title of the news.)

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