Betting on the UFC in bookmakers

Betting on the UFC in bookmakers

Everyone has always been interested in the question – what style of martial arts is the most effective. In this regard, a group of initiators created unique fights under the auspices of the UFC, allowing fighters of different martial arts to fight among themselves for the title of the strongest on the planet. Every year, mixed martial arts fights are becoming more and more popular, so you can bet on them and win at the legal bookmaker’s office Parimatch.

The main types of bets on UFC in Parimatch line

The main bet is the choice of the winner. In addition, you can find many exclusive types of outcomes in the Parimatch line:

  • Total rounds.
  • In which round the winner will be determined.
  • Whether there will be a knockdown or a knockout.
  • What method the fighter will achieve victory.
  • In what time frames the fight will end.

When selecting a winner, it is also possible to bet on a draw. There are several types of totals in the list of additional coverage from BC Parimatch.

UFC in Parimatch

A separate UFC line in Parimatch includes unique types of outcomes, because the American organization is a partner of the bookmaker’s office. Therefore, the line is not inferior to team sports.

What tournaments and fights are represented

In the Parimatch line, you can bet on the following tournaments and fights:

  • UFC.
  • Fight Night.
  • Mahatch.
  • MMA.

Numbered tournaments

The most popular are UFC tournaments, which take place once a month during the whole calendar year. In the course of one numbered tournament, one or two champion fights take place, that attract attention of betting fans. Therefore, the current fights in BK Parimatch always offer the most extended betting slate.

Every year in October or November, the most “promoted” fights with the top fighters and champions are held within the numbered UFC tournaments. For example, UFC 254 Parimatch remembered the champion fight of unbeaten Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Fight Night

Less popular fight format compared to the numbered UFC tournaments. Champion fights are not held here, but some fights attract the whole stadiums and draw the attention of bettors. Ranked fights often take place outside the United States, creating additional excitement and being a kind of springboard for new, promising fighters.


A key difference between these tournaments is the lack of television broadcasts of the fight, as ESPN only shows fights for its users with a subscription. In terms of popularity, such events can be compared to Fight Night.

How to bet on UFC in Parimatch for a novice player

To begin with, you should pass a simple verification on the site of the betting site Parimatch, making a deposit to the account with one of the appropriate payments. Additionally, novice players can get a nice bonus of up to 3000 hryvnias, which is easily wagered and turns into real money.

To make a bet, simply go to the section with the desired fight, namely UFC, Fight Might, MMA or Mahatch, and click on the odds next to the predicted outcome. The winning is calculated automatically after the end of the fight.

Types of bets on MMA

You can make such bets on MMA Parimatch in BC line:

  • Outcome.
  • Type of early victory or on points.
  • Total rounds.
  • Special bets.

In the list of special bets can be exclusive outcomes, namely: whether points will be taken off the fighter, when the winner will be determined, whether there will be a knockout in a certain period of time in a particular round.

Winning a match

The most popular type of bet, for which you need to determine the winner of the fight, regardless of the method of victory. In the line, this bet is labeled P1 or P2, and can also include a draw result.

More/Less Round Betting

In many fights the duration of a round is 5 minutes, so for a bet on the total, e.g. 2.5 by round – 2 minutes and 30 seconds is taken into account. If you do a prediction on one of the fighters to win with a total of more than 2.5, it is necessary that the fight does not finish earlier than 2:30 in the second round. Over 3.5 – not earlier than 2:30 in the third round and so on.

UFC prematch line in Parimatch

You can make bets on UFC Parimatch on the official website or in the mobile version of the BK a few months before the fight, choosing the highest odds in advance. The closer to the fight, the wider the line-up becomes. Before the fight, the number of outcomes in the line may vary depending on the events taking place as part of promotions. The more attention to the fight from the public, the wider the line-up can be.

Live betting on UFC in Parimatch

At UFC fights, Parimatch offers a wide line in live mode. In the course of the fight you can choose not only the winner, but also the method of victory in a certain period of time, the total rounds and other unique results. The odds change every second depending on the layout of the ring, so you can quickly win a large sum of money.

UFC betting odds in Parimatch

Parimatch UFC margin for betting on fights is 2.5%, so for bettors this figure is considered the most favorable in comparison with other BKs. High odds long before the fight is significantly higher, the closer to this event.

In live, quotes can change quickly, increasing or decreasing in a matter of seconds. UFS online betting Parimatch site is easy to open in a convenient interface in the mobile version of the bookmaker’s office.

Analysis of odds

To win on betting on UFS Parimatch fights, you should carefully analyze all the information. Viewing the fights is an important part, but you need to have a general understanding in the specifics of each league. Very often weight classes are divided into several types, and after moving from one weight to another, the fighter is inexperienced, which can affect his results. There are many subtleties, so chance analysis should be based on verified information and intuition. Not all fighters can be as invincible as Khabib Nurmagomedov, so even the champions often lose, and this event can be predicted, earning a tidy sum in hryvnias.


The advantages of UFS bookmaker Parimatch are obvious:

  • A wide line on all fights and tournaments.
  • The best odds due to the Parimatch UFC margin of 2.5%.
  • Convenient interface in the mobile version.
  • The presence of additional outcomes in the prematch line and in live.

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