Consumer Insights by NetbaseQuid

Consumer Insights by NetbaseQuid

Most people don’t consider how their daily habits affect the environment. But, every day, we make choices that may significantly impact our future and the future of other generations. In the past, a consumer’s choice to buy or not buy an item had little effect on the environment. However, the consumer’s choice to purchase an item with reduced environmental impact is becoming increasingly important as climate change becomes a global issue.

Consumer Insights

1. Eco-consumption

The theory behind eco-consumption is that a customer will purchase an environmentally friendly product if they perceive it to be better than its competitors. That shift in perception may influence consumers to purchase more eco-friendly options when they would normally purchase less eco-friendly options.

2. Why are sustainable brands successful?

Companies that produce sustainable goods have less of an overall environmental impact. Sustainability is a huge industry and has grown at a consistent rate over the past decade. In recent years, many companies have begun to change their products to improve the sustainability of their goods or service.

3. The increase in consumer demand

The popularity of products with reduced environmental impact has increased over the past decade. A couple of decades ago, finding any grocery store with organic or natural food options was hard. Today, most major grocery stores have whole aisles dedicated to organic and natural food options. The same trend is occurring in the cosmetics and clothing industries.

4. The rise of green marketing

Eco-advertising is one of the most common forms of green advertising. This marketing approach has become a trend of its own and has increased by 68% in the past few years. This growing market is fueled by consumer demand and consumer awareness.

NetbaseQuid is a company that helps its clients understand consumer markets by giving different consumer insights. This company has been working with companies like P&G, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble to increase sales and establish a reputation. Other companies have adopted this approach as well, with many reporting more than a five percent growth since switching over to green marketing strategies. Their services are more than just providing information; they help companies find ways to implement trends and new information to increase sales.

The Best Consumer Insights Tools to use For Marketing

1. NetBase

NetBase is one of the industry’s most innovative and effective tools today. One of their most popular services is the social media listening tool. NetBase analyzes billions of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform posts to determine how consumers feel about a brand.

2. Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Nielsen Catalina Solutions is the industry’s leading provider of shopper-driven solutions for the grocery, CPG, and food service industries. With programs tailored to help brands drive sales and customer loyalty, Nielsen Catalina Solutions provides one of the largest information networks and enables clients to make smarter business decisions from that information.

3. NPD

NPD is a global market research firm providing data and insights to brands to help them better understand their customers. The NPD Group is one of the leading providers of information and services in the retail industry. Their brand and product knowledge allows companies to adapt their strategies and create new products while retaining loyal customer relationships.

4. Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media monitoring tool that has recently gained popularity with companies worldwide. The software allows companies to track their brands across social media and web platforms. The platform searches on brand names, keywords, or even competitors. The tools available through Social Mention are efficient, effective, and affordable.

5. Twitter Analytics

Twitter is the number one digital advertising medium for many companies. Twitter has become very popular for reaching and attracting customers via social media. The platform allows companies to deliver real-time and targeted messages to keep up with market trends.

6. Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is an application that tracks social media platforms across multiple devices. In this way, companies can simultaneously monitor and measure their campaigns across all digital platforms. The Social Intelligence system provides real-time reports to help companies understand the effectiveness of their business and advertising campaigns.

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