Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88 Malaysia: How to qualify and apply

Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88 Malaysia: How to qualify and apply

Online gambling is more entertaining and rewarding when you play in a supportive gaming platform. In other words, checking whether the online betting platform is secure and safe is not enough. Players need to determine whether the gaming site is friendly and features basic elements to play more games and win more. 

Bonuses and promos are exciting ways through which online casino Malaysia assist their members. In fact, the availability of lucrative offers is often recommended by experienced players to newbies when choosing an ideal betting platform. This is understandable for different reasons. First off, reliable and trustworthy betting sites are more likely to provide rewarding offers than unscrupulous ones. Also, the more obvious reason is how bonuses help play more games and enhance chances of winning. 

If you seek an online casino that supports players with an impressive collection of bonuses and promos, consider visiting Maxim88 Malaysia online casino. The gaming site is well-respected for providing lucrative deals and special offers to registered members on different games. These promos enable players to engage in exciting activities as well. One of the most special bonuses on Maxim88 is Crypto Deposit Bonus. If you intend to bet with Bitcoin, Tether, or Ethereum on Maxim88, then you should read this article. Enjoy reading. 

Bonuses and Promos on Maxim88 Online Casino

As a prospective patron of Maxim88, it is necessary to register for a personalized account. The registration process is simple and quick. Within a few minutes, you can complete your account and verify it. In the end, you’ll have personal login details to access your account. This is part of the security standards of the secure online casino – one of the reasons why players feel comfortable playing on Maxim88.

Once you log into your account, you may choose any of the available payment methods to deposit into your account. If you intend to deposit cryptocurrency, you need to pick the crypto deposit option. In this way, you stand a chance of benefiting from one of the most rewarding bonuses in the Malaysia online casino. Be informed that this payment method is only meant for patrons who intend to deposit Bitcoin, Tether, or Ethereum on Maxim88.

After funding your account and transferring the money into your preferred game wallet, you may then explore the available games and bets. On Maxim88, players enjoy online slot game Malaysia, live casino games, fishing games, and bets, including sports markets and virtual games. Also, you may choose your preferred game or bets based on specific providers. 

A player’s game choice may determine the kind of bonuses and promos you can claim on Maxim88. This is why it’s recommendable to look through the available bonuses and promos on the gaming platform if you are interested in exploiting the lucrative offers. Below are the categories of bonuses available on the Maxim88 online casino:


This category includes all the bonuses and promos available on the gaming site. So you can view all of them once. Simply scroll down if everything doesn’t emerge on your screen as a whole. 

New Member

This category is dedicated to newly registered members. Among the available bonuses include Michael Owen Welcome Bonus, Maxim88 Guarantee Lucky Draw, Maxim88 Weekly Cash Back, 100% Welcome Bonus, Crypto Deposit Bonus, and VIP Brand Migration Promo. 


This category includes bonuses for both returning players and newbies. However, they often last for a certain period. Hence, members are encouraged to check often and take advantage of them. Some special bonuses include Maxim88 Treasure Your Loyalty Event, Evo Million Lucky Draw, Free Maxim88 Poker Card, and Live TV Free Bonus.


This includes bonuses that need playing bets on Maxim88 to claim them. You’ll find special bonuses and those designed for new members in his category. 


This includes bonuses that need playing games on the live casino category to claim them. Special bonuses and offers for both repeat patrons and new members are available in this category. 


This includes bonuses that require playing games on slots games to claim them. Special bonuses and offers for every member are available in the category.

Crypto Deposit Bonus: Special Offer from Maxim88 Online Casino

This is a special offer for newbies on Maxim88. By depositing the minimum deposit required on the gaming site, you can win as much as MYR 1,888. Learn how to qualify, and apply, including important requirements, below.

How to qualify for Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88

New members are required to create an account and verify it to get started on Maxim88. Afterward, you need to deposit into your wallet using the crypto payment method. This could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. It is important to deposit a digital coin worth at least MYR 2,000 to qualify for Crypto Deposit Bonus. Once you have reached the minimum deposit requirement, you can then proceed to apply.

How to apply for Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88

Once you become eligible for the offer, proceed to the promos page. Now, find Crypto Deposit Bonus and tap the “Apply Now” button. Ensure that you provide the necessary information, including your preferred provider, for the bonus to receive the credit. This is how you can participate in the promotion. 

What are the important requirements for Crypto Deposit Bonus?

Apart from becoming eligible by depositing the minimum requirement, you need to reach a turnover requirement of MYR 18,888 if you intend to apply with the minimum deposit amount of MYR 2,000. If you are applying for a bonus with a crypto deposit worth more than MYR 5,000, you are required to have achieved a turnover amount worth MYR 38,888. 

How do you receive the Crypto Deposit Bonus?

Maxim88 automatically calculates your deposit in crypto monthly. If you qualify and apply for the offer, you’ll receive the bonus in your preferred provider’s wallet within five days after the beginning of the month. Users may submit any provider except Allbet, 918Kiss, Pussy888, and Mega888.


Many players are unaware of the Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88 for various reasons. If you have been missing out on the offer and depositing using Bitcoin prior to now, it’s time to harness the bonus. Simply log into your account, and follow the procedure discussed herein to claim the Crypto Deposit Bonus on Maxim88. Enjoy!

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