Domestic Violence Statistics You May Not Be Aware Of

Domestic Violence Statistics You May Not Be Aware Of

It’s no secret that domestic violence is a major problem all around the world. It affects people of all cultures and socioeconomic levels. While certain indicators of socioeconomic status are linked to a higher likelihood of domestic violence, this is not a complete list. Here are some of the most disturbing statistics you may not be aware of. So, what’s the real cause of domestic violence? What can you do to help end the problem?

According to a recent study, women who report domestic violence are 75 percent more likely than men to experience it. The number of women who are murdered by the same perpetrator is nearly seven hundred and fifty percent higher than that of men. Nonfatal strangulation is another risk factor for homicide, as it occurs in nearly 45 percent of attempted homicidal Domestic Violence situations against women. Fortunately, these statistics are not all bleak.

One in four women has experienced some form of intimate partner violence. The CDC estimates that about 1 in 10 men have experienced it at some point in their lives. Furthermore, it costs the U.S. economy about $8.3 billion each year. And the statistics don’t stop there. Studies have also shown that if a child witnesses domestic violence, she is 15 times more likely to be murdered herself. And, in spite of these alarming numbers, women are often the least likely to seek help.

Among women, one in three have experienced some form of domestic violence. In addition, a woman who is abused by her partner is three times more likely to die from an injury than another victim. Despite this, it takes seven attempts to leave an abusive partner. In addition, seven percent of male abusers were abused themselves as children. The statistics on the prevalence of abuse show that women experience domestic violence more than men. It’s no wonder that it’s so common.

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