Fun Ways To Surprise Your Mom On Her Birthday 

Fun Ways To Surprise Your Mom On Her Birthday 

It’s the season of showing love and appreciation to the special people in your life. While gifts, cards and flowers are expected and welcomed, showing some extra effort by planning something special for your mom will make her birthday even more special. Here are our top 12 fun ways to surprise your mom on her special day.

1. Get Crafty And Make Her Something

Nothing says you care more than putting in time and effort to make something with your own two hands. Get creative and make her something unique! Craft a homemade card filled with handwritten memories and inside jokes, or use upcycling projects to mix old and new items and fabricate a special keepsake.

Sophisticated sushi trays, keychains, crochet hats and hand-painted flowerpots are all unique, meaningful ways to show appreciation on her birthday.

2. Plan A Pool Party

Head to the pool and enjoy a relaxing day of swimming and fun with her family and closest friends. Get the decorations, drinks, food and entertainment ready—a pool party is sure to put a smile on her face.

3. Doodle On The Driveway

Take advantage of the world’s biggest canvas and decorate the driveway or front patio in chalk art. Get out all the big colorful pastels and draw giant, intricate doodles and shapes with all your loved ones for a fun, interactive surprise.

4. Go On A Shopping Spree

Every mom will appreciate a shopping spree to spoil herself with something special. Let her explore from store to store and pick out whatever she wants.

5. Have A Movie Marathon

Organize a movie night complete with snacks and entertainment. Choose her favorite flicks plus a few new releases and have an old-fashioned movie marathon. Watch at home or head to the drive-in for a night of classic nostalgia.

6. Arrange A Picnic

Plan a family picnic for breakfast, brunch or lunch and enjoy the fresh air and bliss of the outdoors with all your loved ones. Bring the food, decorations and some fresh flowers.

7. Have A Family Photo Shoot

Schedule a professional family photo shoot and get dressed up in cute outfits. Capture the special relationships, shared memories and laughter of your family through each click of the shutter.

8. Have A Celebration At Home

Throw a mini celebration in the comfort of home and bring a little joy to her doorstep. Decorate the house with streamers, balloons and special, unique touches just for her.

9. Give Her The Gift Of Time

Send her away for a weekend spa retreat, a week of yoga and relaxation, or a little staycation with her closest friend.

Unconditional time is the best way to show your love and appreciation.

10. Cook Her Favorite Meal

Cook up a homemade feast and bring out the old family recipes that she loves and shares with her friends. Show her how much you care with a heartwarming dish lifeline hospital.

11. Go Out For High Tea

Take her out for a fancy afternoon full of sweet treats and chit chat. High tea is the best way to show off your fine dining skills and let her feel pampered with her favorite drinks and cakes.

12. Invite Her For A Day Of Adventure

Jump in the car and take her away for an exciting day of exploring. It might be visiting an old favorite spot or trying out something unique and special. Whatever it is, she will appreciate the effort and surprise.


Surprising your mom on her special day doesn’t have to be a daunting task; there are lots of creative, thoughtful and fun ways to put a smile on her face. It’s obvious that a homemade cake might be her favorite gift, but be creative and surprise her with something extra special and find out which tradition sticks! Show her how much you care and make her day special with a unique birthday surprise bitsandboxes.

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