HealthTap – Community of Doctors

HealthTap – Community of Doctors

HealthTap is a community of doctors that offers on-demand doctor consultations. Its services are available to individuals and health networks such as hospital chains, large employers, and medical insurance companies.

Doctors & Specialists

HealthTap is a community of doctors that provide advice and treatment to its users through live video or text chats. They also can write prescriptions for their customers and send them to local pharmacies.

The company has a network of over 90,000 doctors from 147 specialties. They are all licensed physicians in good standing and can be verified through peer review.

Patients can use the website or mobile app to request a video or text consultation with a doctor anytime, anywhere. They can also post general medical questions to get answers from the database.

The company is working to expand its digital network, which currently includes over 100,000 U.S.-licensed doctors, to more than 3,000 cities in the United States. This expansion marks a milestone in its push to offer virtual care in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Reviews & Recommendations

HealthTap is a community of doctors that answers medical questions online from patients in the US. Members can submit their anonymous health concerns and get a response within 24 hours.

There are hundreds of qualified and certified physicians that can help members with their health problems. These experts specialize in several fields and offer treatment plans, prescriptions, lab testing, and referral suggestions.

Another helpful service is the AI-augmented intelligence symptom checker that allows members to respond to a series of questions to find out what might be wrong. This may be helpful if you’re unsure of whether to go to the doctor or not.

If you’re interested in trying out HealthTap, you can do so without a subscription fee. However, if you’re seeking consultations regularly, it’s recommended to sign up for the Prime plan.


Palo Alto, CA-based HealthTap is a community of doctors and their patients. It’s an interactive website and mobile app that lets you ask doctors questions about virtually any health or medical related topic imaginable. The service is free to join, though you’ll need an iPhone or Android device to take advantage of the many features and services. The app is also one of the smartest ways to find a doctor in your area.

The site has a robust search engine that allows you to browse by specialty, state, or zip code. The site also has a comprehensive directory of verified physicians and hospitals. The most popular service is the free one-on-one telemedicine solution, but the company also offers a subscription service for more serious ailments.


HealthTap is a community of doctors, where they can answer your health questions and concerns, as well as share their own experiences with you. They can also help you get an appointment with a doctor.

Users can post questions for free, and doctors can participate without charging a fee. This allows them to help more people and build their reputation, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

Physicians that are approved to be a part of HealthTap undergo a rigorous onboarding process that checks their medical licenses and good standing. Gutman explains that this process helps the credibility of content, especially in an age where there are many false and unsubstantiated medical resources online.

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