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How Can You Deliver a Custom Packaging Experience for Your Customers?

How Can You Deliver a Custom Packaging Experience for Your Customers?

Over the past decade, the change in the market for eCommerce goods brought about new packaging solutions for logistics and shipping. Packaging solutions, such as rigid setup boxes, not only serve a practical purpose in protecting products during shipping, but they also create a direct touchpoint with customers. As a result, eCommerce businesses have put a lot of effort into creating a unique unboxing experience for their customers.

Various factors need to work in tandem to create a well-designed packaging experience. So, you must decide on the right packaging solution to deliver the most value and the best experience. You can try anything from eco friendly mailers to poly mailers to Tyvek envelopes to create a custom packaging experience for the customers.

Following are some more ideas on custom packaging that you can try out for your business.

1. Packaging

First, you need to consider the packaging item for eCommerce shipping. It could be poly mailers, bags or boxes. You can also opt for brown and white corrugated packaging options as they get the job done pretty well, but they may not deliver the impression you want.

If your brand is sustainable, you can choose eco friendly mailers made from corn in place of plastic poly mailers.

2. Fillers

Traditional fillers include bubble wrap, air pillows or foam inserts. No matter how much one enjoys popping the bubble wraps, it doesn’t look appealing or create a premium feel. Some other forms of fillers you can consider are excelsior and brown or coloured crinkle paper.

3 Tissue paper

Wrapping products in tissue paper can earn you a cookie point as it adds an extra element to the unboxing experience. You can consider coloured or custom-printed tissue for more customised packaging.

4. Stickers

Stickers are fairly inexpensive and can be versatile items for your packaging. You can use branded stickers to seal the tissue paper together. Or, instead of going for custom printing on the boxes, you can use stickers to brand the packages. You may also include a couple of extra stickers and a short note to thank your customers.

5. Business card

Using business cards can be a great way of adding promo pieces to the packages. However, you don’t have to try too hard to mimic the look of corporate business cards. You can also try packaging inserts like printed newsletters in shipments. The printed content can serve as the reading material to forge the brand’s relationship with the customers. You may even include special instructions or personal notes to help customers get the maximum value out of your products.

6. Packing slip

It’s become a standard to include a packing slip or receipt in your package for marketing and branding purposes. You can customise the content of the packing slips by removing or adding elements like product images or your logo. Furthermore, you can consider using a coupon code on the packing slip to encourage repeat sales.

7. Tape

If you are considering differentiating yourself from competitors, try something other than clear packaging tape. You have a wide range of colourful tape options to compliment your packing with your brand’s palette that can help you get instant brand recognition.

8. Gift or sample

You can consider including another product or free sample based on the customer’s purchase history. It is best to choose something your shopper might be interested in purchasing. For example, if your customer purchased face wash previously, you may give a sample of complimentary moisturiser. It will create a customised experience for customers and help you introduce new products to them.

When you try new packing ideas for creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, you can increase your competitive edge, attract new customers and generate repeat purchases. So, take some time to assess your current spending, average order size, profit margins and return policy to implement changes in your packaging and stand out among other businesses.

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