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How Much Does a Humidor Cost?

How Much Does a Humidor Cost?

The cost of a humidor is often determined by several factors, including size, materials, and craftsmanship. It is essential to understand that different types of humidors are designed for different purposes, and prices vary accordingly. To find out how much a humidor costs, consider the material used, the size of the humidor, and the relative humidity. Once you learn more general idea of how much a humidor costs, you can compare prices.

Size of a humidor:

Size is an important consideration when choosing a humidor. It will affect the number and type of cigars that can be stored. The standard rule of thumb is to buy a humidor with twice the capacity of the number of cigars that you plan to store. You can get away with a smaller humidor if you have a small collection.

A humidor’s capacity will also affect the price. Larger humidors are generally more expensive than small humidors. But they have multiple advantages, including better humidification. A humidifier can help cigars stay fresh for longer.

Materials used in a humidor:

The materials used in a humidor are a crucial element of its design. Most models are constructed of wood, either solid or veneered. The less expensive models use veneers, while the more expensive models are usually solid wood. Exotic wood veneers are also popular but can be costly. Another popular material is leather, which comes in various colors and patterns.

The materials used in a humidor are crucial to the overall quality of the product. For example, the interior design of the humidor should allow for free air circulation. A humidor’s hinges should be high-quality and durable. This ensures low-friction functioning for many years. A good humidor will also have a hygrometer, which measures the humidity inside the humidor. Digital hygrometers are generally more accurate than analogue ones.

Price of a good humidor:

The price of a good humidor is an essential consideration if you are planning to store your cigars for a long time. It must be adequately ventilated and have an excellent humidity control system. The humidification system should be accurate and durable to keep your cigars at their ideal humidity level. The humidifier should have a sliding marker to tell you when to add more water.

The price of a humidor will vary depending on its type and materials. Prices will generally be higher for larger humidors, which are often wood-made.

Relative humidity of a humidor:

The relative humidity of a humidor is one of the most important aspects of a cigar humidor. It determines the level of flavor and freshness of your cigars. A humidor failing to maintain a consistent humidity level can lead to premature deterioration of your cigars. You can test the humidity of your humidor using a hygrometer. It can be found on many humidors, or purchase one separately.

Many humidors include humidification accessories and fluids to keep the humidity constant. Some of these devices require you to add humidification fluid to your humidor regularly. Usually, the fluid is distilled water or a mixture of water and propylene glycol.

Quality of a humidor:

Many factors determine the quality of a humidor. There are hygrometers and thermometers that you can place inside the humidor to monitor humidity. These instruments are beneficial in maintaining a proper humidity level. Most modern humidors have built-in hygrometers, so you don’t have to buy one separately.

First, look for a humidor that is crush-proof and waterproof. These are important for travelling. Fortunately, many good travel humidors are made of lightweight ABS plastic. Also, look for a humidor with solid snaps. Some models also have safety valves, which allow air to circulate through the humidor during the flight.

You should also consider your location when selecting a humidor. If you live in a mild or moderate climate, maintaining the ideal humidity conditions won’t be a problem. However, you may need help maintaining the ideal humidity levels if you live in an area with extreme temperatures.

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