How The Player Rating System Works In FIFA 23

How The Player Rating System Works In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 introduces an updated Player Rating system that gives more match feedback and defines the conclusion for several duel situations.

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FIFA 23 Player Rating Updates

Let’s go over the updates for the Player Rating system in FIFA 23. This year’s game has more equitable ratings that take the footballer’s position into account. The rating reduction has been decreased when players that don’t have a forward position don’t score. The ratings for the players that are skilled at playing defensive roles are more accurate in regard to their game performance. New stats for the player and team performance are now taken into calculation. Among these stats, Duel is one of the most important. The Match Facts display will show more information. A Duel scenario happens when the player that has the ball and the defender end up in a head-to-head situation. The Duels stat judges the footballers’ offensive and defensive capabilities in one on one scenarios. We have offensive and defensive duels. Offensive duels are those where the player with the ball wins. This happens when one of these four conditions comes to pass. These are: a clear dribble past the opponent, winning a foul, the defender letting the attacker go, or the player giving the ball to a better position. Defensive duels take place in a situation when the defending player gets the ball. The conditions for this to happen are: the defending team gets in possession, the attacker has the ball but circumstances make him dribble or pass to a worse position, or the defender sends the ball out of play. In the last case, any out-of-play piece counts as a win for the defender. We also have aerial duels. These happen when players strive to get control of a ball that is in the air. The first player that touches the ball wins the aerial duel. The match screen will also display the threat chart. This will show the attack threat for both teams for every minute of the game. It also displays goals and shots on target. Crossing attributes refer to the accuracy of the crosses and how many were attempted. The info on the match screen also shows the offsides. Beaten by opponent is a stat that shows which opponents have beaten your player by dribbles.

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