How You Gain From Chado Hawaiian Tea & The Hibiscus Inside

How You Gain From Chado Hawaiian Tea & The Hibiscus Inside

Chado Hawaiian tea is one of the fruitiest you’ll find anywhere on the market, and it contains a number of delicious ingredients. One in particular – hibiscus – is known for its great taste but also it’s great benefit to the body. For instance, hibiscus is known to stop bacteria while also helping the liver and heart.

The herb is most often available as an extract, but people tend to get the most enjoyment from it when it’s included in tea. The process used to create it is essentially to steep the plant in piping hot boiling water, offering a tart taste that’s akin to the vibrant red of cranberry. 

There are many different hibiscus species out there, with the taste they offer depending on where they grow geographically. However, by far, the most common is Hibiscus Sabdariffa – the type you typically get in these types of teas. 

How Chado Hawaiian Tea Benefits You 

Believe it or not, hibiscus tea like this is literally bursting with not just flavor, but also body-supporting elements. To begin with, you’ll enjoy the benefit of many antioxidants that serve to battle free radicals. No, not the band…what we’re talking about here is pollution, UV rays and all the other elements that cause cell damage to occur. 

In fact, Chado Hawaiian tea is so great at fighting oxidative stress that it’s even known to help with conditions like Marfan syndrome, a problem that impacts the body’s connective tissues. 

Keeping Your Blood Pressure Nice & Low 

Another super benefit offered by hibiscus is a reduction in your blood pressure. High blood pressure is known to be a leading cause of heart disease and stroke, as it adds extra strain to the aorta. Research has shown that hibiscus helps to drop systolic pressure. 

That said, while it’s something that can help with your blood pressure, it’s not something we’d recommend using as the only way to tackle the problem. It’s a great addition to whatever your doctor prescribes, but it shouldn’t be your sole way to treat the issue.

Reducing Blood Fats in the Body 

As well as helping to relieve the pressure on your heart, hibiscus has also been linked with other types of body support, such as reducing the level of fat in your blood. This is a particular issue for those suffering from diabetes, and drinking it in tea is the preferred method of consumption. 

Cholesterol is another factor that’s alleviated with hibiscus beverages, so there’s more on offer than just a great taste!

Enjoy Taste & Body Support From Chado Hawaiian Tea

So, as we can see, hibiscus tea is far more than simply a delicious drink…and it IS a delicious drink. It’s been consumed by people for centuries, which does not happen by accident.

It stands to reason, then, that swapping out your usual tea or coffee might not be such a bad idea. Sure, you might not get the caffeine boost you usually get, but think of all that body support!

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