Is a Tufina watch worth the money?

Is a Tufina watch worth the money?

Throughout its extensive history, Tufina has become one of the most esteemed watch brands in Europe. It all started with small family-owned stores that sold timepieces and provided servicing. This long-standing experience enabled the company to expand and sharpen its watchmaking capabilities, which ensures that each of their creations are of remarkable quality. Over time, they have earned a devoted following due to their dependability and excellence. Tufina watches are highly sought-after in the horological industry and they often launch exclusive limited edition models. If you’re new to this well-loved brand, here are five reasons why Tufina watches are worth the money.

Tufina watches offer great quality for money

Tufina’s watch selection covers a variety of price points, ranging from high-end to budget-friendly. The brand’s experienced watchmakers guarantee that each model is crafted with superior quality, no matter the cost. To keep expenses low, Tufina exclusively uses in-house movements. Thus, shoppers can find their ideal timepiece based on their style and needs, knowing that the quality won’t be sacrificed with a more affordable choice. Outstanding value for money is one of the main reasons why so many people opt for purchasing a Tufina watch.

Limited edition models are popular collectors’ choices

Tufina often releases restricted release models to honor their legacy. These watches are highly sought after by collectors, making them extremely precious items. They usually come in a limited quantity and therefore their worth is preserved. Certain limited editions have modern characteristics with a unique twist. Tufina’s limited editions are a great way for collectors to feel like they possess a part of the company’s history. These exquisite watches carry memorable stories and outstanding sentimental values.

They are made of authentic materials

Tufina is renowned for their incredibly well-constructed watches. People who purchase timepieces often prefer those with the best components, in order to ensure that they’ll last a long time and be very durable. The company frequently employs plating on the watches to give them a good-looking and scratch proof exterior. Nearly every Tufina watch is built with stainless steel for an optimal lightweight and reliable product. The employment of these superior materials is part of why Tufina is so highly regarded.

You can expect an increased value for their timepieces

Tufina watches not just maintain their worth but also gain value as years go by, thus making them an outstanding investment. The craftsmanship of each watch is of a superior quality, which explains why the Tufina watches are a great investment for the long-term due to their elevated worth which rises with time. These timepieces have extraordinary designs and superior finishing touches and movements, which make them stand out from the rest. If you’re looking to make a wise investment in luxury, these timepieces should be your go-to choice

They are a product of German craftsmanship

Tufina iconic Theorema and Pionier collections are made with exceptional skill and craftsmanship in Munich, Germany. Every watch is constructed according to German production and manufacturing criteria by the accomplished watchmakers of Tufina. These watches demonstrate the highest levels of quality, genuineness and robustness. Additionally, these made-in-Germany watches are some of the most sought-after and limited edition watches on the market, priced for everyone. They come with a two-year warranty and premium packaging.

They are handcrafted and hand-assembled

Tufina Luxury Men’s Watches stand out due to the methodical and careful planning that goes into making them. For eight generations, their artisans have been continuing the tradition of handcrafting and hand-assembling each part of these watches. After a meticulous conceptual process, Tufina introduces novel designs with high-grade materials. Genuine leather straps, sapphire-coated lenses, stainless steel cases, and intricately-crafted mechanisms all come together to make a fine piece of jewelry. These watches are built to last and make for a worthwhile investment in terms of quality, longevity, luxury, and style.

Here are some of the best cost-effective options:

Newport Dual-Time Pionier | P7003-3 | Gold

Representing Newport Dual-time from the Pionier collection, a wonderful urban styled timepiece for the trendy gentleman. This watch features an in-house automatic movement with 22 rubies. Paired with skeletonized hands and a multi-tone dial this contemporary watch delivers a special design. The baton index markers and 12 screws top ring add a nice touch to this almost futuristic wrist watch.

Thanks to the open front and back composition the intricate mechanisms are easily admired. Protected by a sapphire coated lens, Newport Dual-time is sure to remain in its pristine condition for a long time. The genuine leather brown band is matched with a gold butterfly buckle. An affordable watch which ensures outstanding quality, durability and precision. 

Buenos Aires Theorema | GM-114-6 | Silver

One of the best silver men’s watches from the Theorema collection, Buenos Aires is a true gem. A shiny stainless steel case and bracelet are beautifully paired with a skeletonized dial design. Blue hands move across the sub-dials, adding a touch of color to this look. Striking and trendy, this timepiece can easily elevate any outfit.

Powered by an in-house mechanical movement with 18 rubies, Buenos Aires delivers an  outstanding performance. This dual-time wrist watch is part of the limited edition models with its special sun and moon phase compilation. Sapphire coating can be found in this model as well. A wise investment for those who are looking for a reasonably priced luxury watch.

Istanbul Theorema | GM-125-5 | Gold

This innovative design is one of the most striking models from the Theorema collection.  Featuring architectural elements, Istanbul is a wrist watch made for the sophisticated and bold gentleman. This limited edition timepiece comes with a black and gold dial adorned with dots and Roman numerals. A circular window is specifically made to show the hours. 

Equipped with an in-house automatic movement with 20 rubies, this attractive gold men’s watch ensures amazing precision. The brown band features a fish skin pattern and is made of genuine cow leather. Paired with a standard stainless steel buckle and a sapphire coated lens, Istanbul is a robust timepiece which guarantees durability. 

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