Is Spray Sunscreen As Sun-Safe As Regular Lotions?

Is Spray Sunscreen As Sun-Safe As Regular Lotions?

Are you already aware that putting on sunscreen each and every day is a wise move, whether it’s sunny outside or not? Most likely, as it’s quite a well-known fact. UV protection is something that everyone needs, regardless of race, age, or complexion. That said, there are a number of options on the market – amongst which, you’ll find spray sunscreen.

Commonly debated is the question of whether or not this type of sunscreen applicator offers the same high level of UV protection that’s historically been offered by the type most of us are familiar with – sunscreen lotions. That’s a question we now aim to answer. 

How Does Spray Sunscreen Work?

As the name of the product alludes to, this type of sunscreen is delivered using aerosols. Instead of a lotion that’s poured from a bottle, these options are sprayed from a can or a pump-action bottle. It offers a convenient way to get the protection you need in a much less messy way.

One thing you do have to remember with spray sunscreen is that it’s not a great idea to spray it on your face. Sure, if you screw your face up, you can keep the vast majority of it out of your eyes and mouth, but it’s a bit haphazard, meaning you might get that horrible sting in your eyes or taste in your mouth.

Neither are particularly pleasant outcomes, and that’s not mentioning the fact that you also risk breathing the vapour in. However, the problem is easily avoidable as you spray it on your hand first. Just don’t spray it on your face – particularly if it’s a windy day. 

So, Is It AS Effective as Lotion?

In short, yes, it is. How can we be so sure? Well, the FDA is pretty strict on what can be sold to consumers in the USA, and any spray-delivered sunscreen on the market – be it chemical or physical – will have to meet certain production standards that ensure full protection is provided.

This does come with one BIG caveat, though, and that’s using it properly. As such, you need to be aware of the following facts…

You need also to rub it in – this product is not one with which you can simply spray and go. After it’s sprayed on, you can’t just get on with your day, as it will not be evenly distributed until you’ve rubbed it thoroughly into your skin. 

Use close to the body – a common error users make when spraying sunscreen onto themselves is holding the spray too far away from the body. If you do, you risk a lot of the vapor blowing away, meanwhile, you think that you’re protected, and you’re not. An inch away is the correct distance and no more. 

Spray Sunscreen DOES Give You The Same Protection

So, there are the facts – sunscreen delivered via a spray does give you the same level of UV protection as the lotions people have used for decades. It just comes down to how you use it. Follow the instruction, and you’ll be fine. 

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