Midface Lift Surgery

Midface Lift Surgery

A midface lift is a facial plastic surgery that is performed to improve the appearance of sagging cheeks, jowls, and folds from the nose to the mouth. A midface lift is also known as a MIVEL lift or Ponytail lift. The surgery requires a skilled facial plastic surgeon and a significant amount of training and experience. The results of this procedure can erase several years from the patient’s filmy4wep.

The midface is often affected by early signs of aging. As a result, a midface lift can reverse the effects of aging and rejuvenate the face while minimizing downtime. Drs. Agarwal, Maloney, and Holmes are highly trained plastic surgeons who can provide this surgical procedure to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. They are committed to ensuring the best possible results for each patient. If you’re interested in midface lift surgery, contact our office roobytalk.

Your midface lift surgery can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your surgeon and the extent of the procedure. However, your eyelids and cheeks may be slightly higher after the procedure. This will settle down and you’ll be able to resume light activities and work within a few weeks. Midface lift surgery is a day surgery and is performed under a general anaesthesia. You should plan to have someone pick you up from the hospital the day of your dydepune.

Midface lift surgery is most commonly performed on patients in their 40s and 50s, as it addresses specific concerns resulting from aging. Before undergoing a midface lift, candidates must be in good physical and mental condition and be free from smoking. If you have been smoking for a significant amount of time, you may want to consider the procedure as it will improve your appearance. It will also improve the shape of your lower eyelids.

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