MLB The Show 23: Updates & Features Explained

MLB The Show 23: Updates & Features Explained

As Major League Baseball teams prepare for the spring split, it’s inevitable that sports gamers will be excited about the latest release of baseball sim MLB The Show 23. 

MLB The Show 23 is famous for restoring the latest MLB Stadiums, Teams, and Players to the greatest extent, attracting many sports gamers. However, MLB The Show 23 also has the common faults of most sports games, because it has not added more game modes and functions and has been complained by players. 

But the developer of MLB The Show 23 said that there will be many innovative features that players can look forward to this year.

In the latest series of announcements, the developers did not disappoint players, showing players some truly groundbreaking new features. 

MLB The Show 23 will meet the needs of all baseball fans, whether it’s Stadiums, Historical Tributes, or Rule Changes. The following will be a detailed description of the game mode and function changes this time.

1. Throw Meter Changes

Throwing Meter provided by MLB The Show for so many years has been on the sidelines, giving players a better experience when throwing baseballs into the base. At the same time, it doesn’t take long for most players to easily master the timing rules of Throwing Meter, and few people make mistakes.

With the upcoming release of MLB The Show 23, the developers said to make the green part of Throwing Meter move randomly around the field during the game, however, if the player hits the yellow part of Throwing Meter, they will have to rely on 1st Baseman’s Ability to stop the low pitch .

2. New Quirks

Offensive New Quirks, one of MLB The Show’s most player-popular features, include bad hitters that appear when a pitcher is in the strike zone preparing to pitch. 

Of course, both pitching and defense have new quirks like Pick Off Artist and Break Outlier. At the same time, the technicians deleted some Passive Quirks that were only used as a symbol of honor and had no practical effect.

3. Change The Game Style

The developers tweaked the gameplay of the multiplayer game to reward players for efficient pitches and strikeouts when batters need firmer contact to improve their hit rate. 

The developers are trying to encourage traditional gamers to move from the single-player MLB The Show mode to multiplayer Diamond Dynasty, with things like a new competitive playstyle and more MLB 23 Stubs.

4. New Stadiums

Ahead of the release of MLB The Show 23, many players are wondering what new stadiums will be featured this time around. The developer says six new Stadiums will make their debut. But the one players are looking forward to the most is Old Comiskey Park, home of Chicago American Giants. The other 5 new stadiums are:

  • Forbes Field (1922-39)
  • Muehlebach Field (1923-48)
  • South Side Park (1929-32)
  • Hilldale Park (1929-32)
  • Bush Stadium (1922-39)

5. Custom Practice Mode Improvements

Batting is one of the most basic and patient things in MLB The Show 23. Therefore, whether you are a novice or a veteran, it is the most convenient to contact in the customization. 

But the section about custom exercises is often the most overlooked by technicians. The developers will make several improvements to MLB The Show 23’s customization mode, including the ability to specify pitch types and incoming positions.

6. The Addition Of Legends

One of the most debated topics every time MLB The Show updates a patch is which legends are coming into the game. Most of the advertised star players are now based on the Negro League. 

Although in some cases, players may be a little hesitant in player selection. However, there are eight players whose ability and impact on the game of baseball cannot be overstated, including:

  • Jackie Robinson
  • Satchel Paige
  • Buck O’Neil
  • Martin Dihigo
  • Hilton Smith
  • Rube Foster
  • John Donaldson
  • Hank Thompson

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7. Improvements To The Cooperative Mode

MLB The Show 23 introduced a new co-op mode last season, allowing players around the world to team up in multiplayer. However, this feature is rather crude, and only supports random matches of players competing against each other, not teams of players and their friends. 

As a result, the developer of MLB The Show 23 said that it will improve in this release and add a ranked cooperative mode.

8. Rule Changes

MLB The Show 23 has also made a lot of efforts to adapt to the rule changes of Major League Baseball over the years. Currently, Universal DH rule will be one of the new features of MLB The Show, allowing players to take advantage of this feature so that pitchers don’t have to hit in the AL or NL. 

Of course, there are other rule changes in MLB The Show 23, but the larger base players want will have to wait for a later update.

9. PCI Improvements

In MLB The Show 23, batting has always been mainly dependent on the time factor. Relatively speaking, the importance of PCI indicators has not been clear to players. 

This year, to make PCI indicator less obtrusive, players can now see a bat icon on the strike zone in its place. PCI indicator that appears on the screen and the swing feedback after pitching have also been significantly enhanced, removing the trouble some players have about imagining their swing.

10. Negro National League

Until now, the addition of the Negro League is still the most anticipated of all the new features of MLB The Show. The developers of MLB The Show have also been committed to presenting this important historical baseball era to the world in the most comprehensive way possible.

You can find many of the usual Negro National League stars from the 1920s to 1940s on MLB The Show 23. In general, players can be teleported to any historical scene according to their own MLB Stubs. Negro National League in MLB The Show 23 will always exist, and more players and teams will be released in the future, I hope you will always like it.

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