Patches for Pimples – Why They Don’t Work On Cystic Acne

Patches for Pimples – Why They Don’t Work On Cystic Acne

Should you be someone who’s suffered from acne for any length of time, then you might have already heard that patches for pimples are useful – but not particularly so for cystic acne. Understanding why comes down to having a grasp of what these products are and what they do. 

Now, the overriding reason why this is the case relates to the way in which spot patches work. As much smaller versions of the large hydrocolloid patches that have been used to heal wounds in hospitals for decades, spot patches help to heal wounds – and that’s the key.

Patches for Pimples Work When the Skin is Broken

Cystic acne is characterized by the fact that it sits deep under the skin, resulting in those telltale skin patches and lumps that ensue. You see, when you’re dealing with pimples, it’s completely different as you’re looking at spots that have broken through – leading to the black and whiteheads that need your immediate attention. 

The truth is that when you have cystic acne, patches for pimples aren’t even on the table, as you really need to speak to your dermatologist for assistance. There’s a chance you might need antibiotics or other types of treatment to bring down the inflammation and irritation.

Another option open to you is a topical steroid cream that works to bring down inflammation to a manageable level. Only when spots erupt can spot patches do anything.

Hydrocolloid Patches Draw Out the Poison

One of the key benefits that pimple patches offer is the ability to draw out all that horrible gunk, pus and nastiness that sits below the skin’s surface. It’s all that yucky yellow stuff that makes whiteheads so unsightly that’s drawn out by the patches, ensuring that the infected pore in question is cleared out properly and is allowed to heal.

With a cystic legion, the patches simply can’t do anything, as the skin isn’t broken. As such, none of the stuff under the skin can be drawn out, meaning not much of anything occurs at all. Sure, they might stop you from touching it and scratching it, but other than that…it’s a glorified band-aid!

Patches for Pimples Work…On Whiteheads & Other Small Pimples

Spot patches, hydrocolloid patches or zit patches….whatever you want to call them, are designed for small pimples that have just broken through. They’re ideal for covering up zits for that big date that’s coming up or ensuring that you don’t spread the bacteria in your breakouts around, but there is a limit.

We can’t impress enough upon anyone reading this that cystic acne, nodules and papules require expert dermatological advice. As part of your overall acne-control strategy, zit patches are great for the smaller zits that appear each day, but for the bigger ones, some kind of other treatment will be needed.

We’re not saying that shouldn’t own some zit patches when you have severe acne, as they’re great to have around. Just don’t waste them on spots they’ll struggle to have any kind of effect on. 

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