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Zooqle has some great features that make downloading games, music, movies, and other media content a lot easier. However, there are a few things you should know before you start using the site.

Yify Torrents

Zooqle is one of the largest and most popular Torrents website on the Internet. This site is easy to use and offers great features. With its simple interface, users can access and download files with just a few clicks.

Besides its vast library of files, Zooqle has an advanced search engine. The inner pages of the site are also designed with organizational features. There are categories for different types of files. You can browse and download files that are organized in separate genres.

You can also create a wishlist of desired files to download later. All the Torrents on the site are verified and safe to use. Aside from movies and TV shows, you can also download games, music, eBooks, and software.

While the site does not offer a Torrent creation tool, it does have an impressive library of user-contributed files. These include thousands of movies and TV shows.

PCGames Torrent

Whether you are looking to download PC games or want to watch movies, Zooqle is one of the most popular torrent sites available online. It has a huge library of files that are all verified and ready to download. You can search and browse through the site using their easy-to-use search engine.

Aside from games, Zooqle also offers movie and TV shows torrents. Users can also add their own files to the existing library. There is no subscription required to use this service. However, you can also use a download manager to speed up the downloading process.

This site is known for its large and diverse game collection. They have more than a hundred thousand game titles. Moreover, they have an active seeding community.

Zooqle is also known for its safety. Unlike other torrent sites, it never freezes or crashes. Besides, its download speeds are between 10-20 Mbps.

Torrent Galaxy

Zooqle Torrent Galaxy is a well-established torrent site. It has a vast library of movies, games, music and software. You can download any type of file from this website.

The search engine of zooqle has an easy to understand interface. Unlike other torrent sites, you do not need an account to download files. However, the site does have some annoying ads. Using a VPN is a good idea. This will protect your identity while you download.

Another thing to consider is that zooqle may be blocked by your ISP. In some cases, this can be because they have a policy against pirated content. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the site is not trustworthy.

Another advantage of using Zooqle is that the files are verified. This is because they are checked by individuals from the network. Therefore, there is less risk of getting virus or spyware on your computer.

ISO Hunt

If you’re a torrent buff or a newbie looking to get your toes wet, you might be interested in trying out the likes of Zoogle. As one of the largest torrent download sites, you’ll get your fill of free torrents without having to pay a dime. While Zoogle is the king of the crop, there are plenty of other contenders that you should check out.

Several of the biggest torrent download sites have a reputation for spammy behaviour and spambots. However, there are a few that can be trusted. The reputable ones have been around for some time now and offer a variety of torrents. You’ll be able to get your hands on anything from classics to anime rips. Some of them even have a nifty way to make your downloading experience easier.


Zooqle 1337X is one of the most popular torrent sites. It is a file sharing site that focuses on TV shows and movies. The site offers various types of torrents and magnet links.

In addition to that, Zooqle also offers different categories and search options. These include video innhold, TV series, applications, music and eBooks. They have a large database and are updated regularly. However, it is not the best for downloading.

Moreover, the website can be a mess. You can find torrents that are blocked in some countries. Therefore, it is better to use an alternative. Alternatively, you can use ExtraTorrent.

Besides that, Pirate Bay is another popular torrent site. It is the most popular one in the world today. Here, you can find high-quality films and videos.

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