The Benefits of Owning a Custom Android Device for Your Business

The Benefits of Owning a Custom Android Device for Your Business

Many Android tablets and phones cater to the average consumer. But if you’re an enterprise looking for an Android device to deliver unique value, you may need a custom Android device tailored to your business needs. The benefits of owning a custom Android device are numerous. They include superior support for hardware and peripherals, less bloatware, and advanced security features.

Better Performance

Consumer brands typically develop new tablet and smartphone models yearly to appeal to consumers looking for the latest technology. The problem is these devices designed for general audiences won’t necessarily meet the needs of your business. Custom Android smartphones and tablets are built to serve the unique needs of your enterprise. They provide superior performance, less bloatware, and better security. One of the significant challenges of designing a mobile device is deciding which apps should be loaded onto a phone’s firmware when it’s booted up. Consumer smartphones and tablets typically have bloatware that takes up storage space, reduces battery life, and may present security risks.

Longer Life

Custom Android smartphones and tablets have evolved to a point where they offer better performance, more features, and enhanced security. But a business that provides a unique service needs a device different from the average consumer’s. A specialized Android device can meet the unique needs of your company’s operations. For example, a custom device for retail might include a barcode scanner and specialized sensors to improve point-of-sale and inventory management. Purpose-built devices are tailored for the exact functions important to users avoiding unnecessary drains on device resources. The apps and software manufacturers often load on top of a stock Android OS take up storage space, reduce battery life, and expose devices to security risks. With a custom built device organizations can choose to streamline the apps loaded to optimize performance and security.

Less Bloatware

Bloatware is unwanted software that eats up storage space, slows down your phone, and collects data. These programs can be found on new devices, downloaded as bundles, or injected through malicious sites. While many bloatware apps can be disabled, they may remain on your device and cause your device to drain its battery and processor.

Custom Android devices are used by businesses to support mobile apps and provide a streamlined user experience. They come embedded with the systems needed to run enterprise apps, maximize performance, extend device storage space and battery life, and to minimize security risks.

More Security

Android devices are often viewed as mass-market consumer products but can also be used to support enterprise use cases. But not straight off the shelf as sold to consumers. These devices provide a unique value to an organization when designed to fit the individual needs of that industry or business. The benefits of owning a custom Android device include superior hardware and software security. For single-purpose devices, this means a more remarkable ability to control user access to hardware components and protect the device from arbitrary execution of code through restriction of application permissions. In addition, a custom Android OS offers superior optimization for device hardware. This includes modifying the kernel – the central component of the OS that provides essential services to other parts.

Better Design

One of the best parts about owning a custom Android device is being able to choose from many customization options. The fact that you can be confident in the quality of your end product makes the experience more satisfying than buying into the mystique of the big producers.

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