The Best Free Tools For Freelance Writers

The Best Free Tools For Freelance Writers

A freelance writer’s work may be interrupted by dozens of menial tasks. Using the right tools can help you to focus on the important work and grow your business. This article will explore the best free tools for freelance writers. Here are megaupload five tools that can help you stay organized. Using these tools will help you save time and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks. So, grab your computer, tablet, or smartphone and get to work!

A useful word counter. The WordCounter eworld will tell you how many words you’ve used in a particular block, and it will suggest alternatives when you’re stuck on a word. Another good free tool for freelance writers is the Focus Booster. This tool uses the Pomodoro time tracking technique. The goal is to split your work into small segments of technecy 25 minutes. By using this timer, you can avoid working too long on a project.

A reader-friendly app. Readable analyzes your text and ibibo provides you with actionable statistics regarding vocabulary and style. You can also use it to help identify easier synonyms of words and make sure your keywords are used in the right places. It also helps you optimize your econtentmags articles for SEO purposes. There are no subscription fees, so use it to boost your productivity! But, before using it, make sure you know what it does. The Hemingway app will analyze your content for reader friendliness.

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