The Things to Ponder Before a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

The Things to Ponder Before a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Many company owners downplay the difficulties involved in implementing Microsoft Dynamics365. Such business owners can see the implementation failing as a result.

Therefore, in order to devise counterstrategies, firms need to be aware of the accompanying issues.

If you intend to deploy Microsoft Dynamics365 in your company, be aware of the following potential difficulties:

Selecting the Wrong Partner

The right partner must be chosen for the Microsoft Dynamics implementation. You should be aware that Microsoft does not offer Microsoft Dynamics to customers directly. Instead, give partners the responsibility of marketing and deploying.

Because there are so many partners, it can be challenging to choose the one who can carry out the implementation well because there is such a broad range in their skills.

As a result, you can use an expert’s services to select the best partner for your implementation.

You must use a Microsoft Dynamics specialist who specializes in your deployment needs.

Such an expert can more effectively develop a strategy for a successful implementation by better comprehending your business processes.

Along with the expert, you should also involve your IT team in the implementation phase. The IT staff can assist the expert during deployment to ensure a seamless process and maximize long-term return on investment.

Without the assistance of a professional, the project implementation could fail. Backtracking the issue could therefore take months, costing time and money.

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Data Migration

You should be aware that a data migration process is more difficult if there is a lot of data.

The time required for data migration is also based on the volume of data. More data means more time, and vice versa.

If the data migration is unsuccessful, a failed implementation may result. And the time required for the implementation depends on the following factors:

  • The amount of data that will migrate from the old system to the new system
  • The framework to be used to migrate data
  • The capability of the implementation partner
  • The compatibility of the new system to store new data
  • The tool’s capability to migrate the data

The average data migration can take one-fourth of the total implementation time, regardless of the project’s size or complexity.

It is crucial to use a small data set to test the new system’s data utilization and compatibility.

Only if the data migration is successful should you move further.

Inadequacy of Support and Training

Microsoft Dynamics365’s open architecture, open integration, and customizability frequently result in changes to the platform from the original.

Thus, the requirement for developing staff support systems and documentation develops.

Employees may have trouble using the new systems if there is a lack of training and documentation.

As a result, you should provide your personnel with tailored training and the necessary paperwork to ensure that they can utilize the new system with ease.


Many aspects of your business will alter after the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365. For instance, the implementation will alter the supporting applications’ job-related capabilities.

Therefore, there is a potential that the application will fail if it is deployed after implementation.

As a result, when implementing the Dynamics365 solution, you must take into account the systems, integrated applications, processes, people, Return on Investment, and business continuity.

If you ignore these factors, your firm may suffer disruptions that have a long-term detrimental influence on your bottom line.

Lesser Robustness

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not a robust solution compared to other ERP solutions. Although the lack of robustness may not affect many businesses, some niche operations might need that robustness to manage their processes.

If you need a robust solution, consider implementing another solution.


You must remain aware of the fact that challenges are inevitable during a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Therefore, you should first try to discover the possible challenges of the implementation beforehand. This web application will help you formulate a counter solution to effectively deal with the challenges.

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