Water Purifier Treats Iron Making It Clean For Consumption

Water Purifier Treats Iron Making It Clean For Consumption

Have you ever noticed reddish-brown residue in your water? Does it leave reddish brown stains and has a metallic taste? That is iron. Iron contaminants in the water are detrimental to health and the environment.

The water lines get corroded if one sees prolonged iron exposure. Further corrosion leads to the formation of a gelatine substance. It blocks the pipes, causing the water flow to stop working.

Removing Iron from Water

The process of removing iron from water is through oxidation. The technology of the water purifier service near me in Kanpur removes the ferrous iron by iron ion exchange and filtration. The oxidised iron is easy to remove. It is the most effective method, eliminating almost 90% of the impurities.

The water purifier removes excess iron from the feed through a minimum pressure drop. This process treats the hardness of water as it removes the excess minerals. The water becomes soft after the process. Soft water is better for cleaning as it does not leave soap scum. It also does not leave stains on cutlery and floors.

The Need of a Water Purifier to Remove Iron

Water has two types of iron content. One is ferric iron, and the other one is ferrous iron. Both are not good for health and use. They turn the water into reddish colour and cause iron sedimentation. The ion exchange process in Kanpur water purifiers RO service Kanpur removes the ferrous iron from the water.

The ion exchange has a process of salt regeneration that removes the ferrous iron. Water without the can restore its original basic pH level. Iron content usually causes the pH level to go up.

A water softener is not enough to remove the iron from the water. When the water reacts with the softener, it is still exposed to air. The ferric iron in the water will oxidise. Sometimes, there may also be tiny iron bits in the softened water.

The reason for it is the oxidised ferric iron. Therefore, a water purifier will solve the issue and improve water quality.

Iron Damage Is Dangerous

Prolonged exposure to iron in water damages the skin. Iron fillings can clog pores causing the skin to break out. Excessive iron exposure potentially damages skin cells. There is an increased risk of getting acne and other skin conditions.

The culprit is iron if anyone suffers from itchy skin or breakouts even after using clean water. The permanent solution is to get a water purifier that treats iron and attacks the problem at its core.

It Has Health Repercussions

High iron in the blood can lead to internal organ damage. The body stores iron in various organs like the liver, heart, and pancreas. If the storage of iron gets excessive, it leads to many problems, like iron poisoning. The common symptoms of iron poisoning include weakness, joint pain, fatigue and abdominal pain.

Too much iron in water can combine with a bacteria called iron bacteria, forming rust and bacterial slime. The water purifier eliminates the bacteria, thus preventing the formation of slime. According to research, iron in water promotes the growth of bacteria like E. coli.

Water Purifier to Combat Excess Iron

If you have noticed excess discolouration and a foul smell in the water, it means there is iron. The high-quality activated technology ensures the efficient removal of iron. It also increases the life of the filter.

The iron removal filter ensures the long life of the water purifier. It also ensures that other water-related appliances are not damaged due to high mineral content. A water purifier ensures no need for any other iron removal appliances. Thus, it is cost-efficient.

Self-Cleaning and Proper Maintenance

Reduced water purifier efficiency leads to more consumption of electricity. Not only that, more and more particles will seep through. A foul odour and reduced water pressure will follow.

The maintenance service will ensure the filter bulbs work alright. The lack of proper and regular maintenance can render the water purifiers dysfunctional. The membrane needs to get changed. The cartridge of the water filter lasts from six to twelve months.

The filters also have regenerative technology. It means they clean the sediments out on their own. There is no need to supervise the functioning of the water purifiers. However, the water purifier should get maintenance once in a while

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