Why Do App Developers Prefer Using Mac for Their Projects?

Why Do App Developers Prefer Using Mac for Their Projects?

The tech world is divided between Windows and macOS when it comes to computers and laptops. Although Windows OS continues to dominate the market share, macOS has gained market share over the years, albeit it is still a minor player.

However, if you ask app developers what they prefer, the answer is unanimously Mac.

However, before you learn why developers and programmers prefer Macs over other laptops and computers, know about the best Mac for software development. The options you have are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. You must go through these laptops’ features, functions, and prices to make an informed decision.

Now, let’s look at why app developers prefer Mac.

  • Harmony between software and hardware

Macs are one of the most stylish, portable devices with a high-end build. The design of these devices defies the notion that bulky systems offer top-quality performance.

With the latest lineup of Mac models, the company has struck the right balance between hardware and software.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with programming, here’s why.

First, macOS is one of the most intuitive and minimalistic operating systems. It is based on Unix and feels relatively straightforward and familiar for developers migrating from Linux.

Second, the hardware and software interaction is unlike anything you will experience on a Linux or Windows machine. For example, you can use the trackpad gestures on your Mac to instantly swipe to the right or left and navigate your desktop. Also, you will get a quick overview of all the active programs by swiping up with three fingers.

Third, the computer screen is another reason why developers prefer Mac. Since they have to stare at the display for several hours, they require a high-quality screen that can fit several lines of code and display with clarity.

Mac models come with some of the best screens in terms of resolution, brightness, aspect ratio, and refresh rate.

  • Smooth trackpad and keyboard

Developers use some parts of the device more than others. For instance, they require the trackpad and keyboard the most. It can be extremely frustrating to develop an app when the keyboard is uncomfortable or the trackpad is giving a delayed response.

External keyboards and mice are a temporary fix, but working on a laptop with built-in trackpads and keyboards is better.

The Mac keyboard is comfortable and well-lit. The trackpad is precise, with customizable features to enhance the workflow.

Since Windows laptops are designed with mechanical trackpads, they often move when the corners are pressed. This diminishes the accuracy of the gestures. On the other hand, Mac trackpads are haptic and offer higher accuracy.

  • Exceptional battery life

When it comes to battery life, Macs are a clear winner. There’s no Linux or Windows machine in the market that competes with Apple’s long-lasting battery life.

With a MacBook, you can code for several hours without the need to plug in your system.

Macs are a dream machine for developers because it combines impressive battery performance and excellent portability. In addition, the system can be easily used on the go.

Besides developers, a system is a perfect option for students and professionals who are always traveling. For instance, if you are on an eight or ten-hour flight with your Mac, you can still be productive.

  • Exceptional compatibility with programming languages

Developers creating native apps for any product within the Apple ecosystem prefer macOS. Also, it is their online option.

macOS comes with a host of features and tools. Most of the tools support cross-platform development. Therefore, coding for macOS or iOS on a Windows computer is impossible. But you can quickly run Linux or Windows on your Mac device using virtual machine software.

Furthermore, it is pretty straightforward to set up a Mac for an app or software development right out of the box. The system is much faster and more straightforward to work with compared to a Windows computer. This is because the system is developer-friendly and better. In addition, you can easily install additional tools and languages on macOS.

On the other hand, app developers working on a Windows system are accustomed to easily tweaking their way to deal with functionalities exclusively available on Unix-based systems. To overcome this obstacle and make it easier for developers, Windows introduced an option called Windows Subsystem for Linux. But this process doesn’t compare to an app developer’s natural experience that they experience working on a Mac.

In addition, Macs are much more secure than Windows regarding malware and virus attacks. These devices are much more challenging to exploit because Apple offers comprehensive security measures to protect Macs.

Therefore, Macs are an ideal choice for developers. So, consider investing in macOS if you want to carve out a niche for yourself in app development.

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