Why Should You Stay In Contact With A Doctor During Pregnancy?

Why Should You Stay In Contact With A Doctor During Pregnancy?

Learning about your pregnancy can be exciting but leave you with numerous questions. As an expectant parent, it’s not unusual for you to worry about the health of your fetus or wonder if your pregnancy is progressing as it should. This is because as your pregnancy progresses, your body will grow through several changes which can make you uncomfortable and leave you feeling perplexed.

Hence you must have a good doctor on your speed dial whom you can turn to in your time of need. Following this explanation, here are some reasons why you should stay in contact with your doctor throughout your pregnancy:

1. Get Information On Post Birth Complications

During your pregnancy, you need to learn what could go wrong during birth. This helps you make the necessary preparations beforehand and ensure that you are ready for anything as your due date gets closer. If there are any problems that can arise during your pregnancy that can impact your delivery. For instance, if you end up having a difficult labor and a troubled birth, there’s a chance that your baby may get stuck in your birth canal. This can lead to the doctor using excessive force to help your baby out but can also injure them in the process. However, if your child’s nerves around shoulders and arms get damaged, they can end up with Erb’s or Cerebral Palsy.

Therefore, talking to a doctor can help you pick up vital injury information and get guidance on what you should do next, especially regarding medical negligence.

2. Keeps You Updated On Your Child’s Health

Like any mother, it is crucial you stay on top of your health. Generally, after your first visit, you will have to attend about 15 more appointments until your due date. This is because the doctor needs to ensure that your body is adjusting to changes as the fetus develops into a baby. Ultrasounds, blood tests, and weight measurements inform the doctor if you’re doing well and if the baby is healthy. They are also able to guide you better if you need to gain weight.

If you choose not to go to a doctor throughout your pregnancy, you can jeopardize your and your child’s life. A doctor can also tell you what dietary adjustments you need to make if you require any lifestyle changes and when you should go on complete bed rest. Your appointments also inform the doctor about your due date, allowing you to prepare for your child’s arrival.

3. Prevent Symptoms of Concern From Escalating

Many symptoms can appear during your pregnancy. While being mildly nauseous or tired is not unusual and is anticipated in pregnant mothers, sudden headaches, dizziness, and vomiting are not. Similarly, bleeding, experiencing bloating, and having frequent discharge are all concerns for the doctor. These symptoms suggest that the baby is distressed and needs immediate attention. At the same time, if you cannot feel your baby moving or cannot feel a heartbeat, you need to rush to the ER.

For this reason, you need to stay in contact with your doctor. Anytime you have an onslaught of unusual symptoms, your doctor can help you through them and curb them from getting worse. This is vital in ensuring that you and your baby are not harmed or in danger.

4. Ensure You Have A Safe Delivery

There’s always a chance you may end up giving birth before time. Some women may also go into labor a month before their expected date. Hence, having a good relationship with your doctor ensures that if you go into active labor, they will assist you with the delivery. Regular appointments keep the doctor updated about your health. For instance, if you’re allergic to a particular medication or prefer not to have an epidural, your chart history will reflect this information.

This saves precious time and allows the doctor to focus on helping you deliver. But if you have no relationship with your doctor and you are in active labor, the medical practitioner will have to assume and guess on the spot to ensure you have a safe delivery. Consequently, this can end up endangering you and your child.

5. Allows You To Draft Up A Birthing Plan

A birthing plan is a comprehensive set of instructions detailing how you want your child’s birth to proceed. Delivery can be an overwhelming experience, and like any mother, you would like the right support system with you when you’re about to give birth. Hence, being in touch with your doctor allows you to develop a realistic and suitable birth plan. You can decide where you want to give birth, if you plan on taking medications, how long you wait before rushing to the hospital, and if you consent to a C-section. It would help if you discussed your birth plan as extensively as possible.

This is why it is a good idea to run it by your doctor, get their professional opinion about your current birth plan, and if you need to make minor adjustments to your preferred way of giving birth. A doctor can also tell you what areas of your birth plan are impossible and what parts the hospital can accommodate you. When there is complete transparency, you will feel more at ease and comfortable giving birth.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy can be an emotional and confusing time for many new mothers. Therefore, as an expecting mom, you should try and have a good relationship with your doctor so that your journey through pregnancy can progress smoothly. A doctor is your asset in many ways. They can guide you on possible post-birth complications due to medical negligence. Additionally, your doctor can keep tabs on your and your child’s health, which allows them to provide you with specific advice on caring for your baby and looking after yourself.

Likewise, if you experience any unusual symptoms, they can evaluate your condition and treat you accordingly. Staying in touch with your doctor makes it easy for them to care for you when you give birth. Since the doctor is already familiar with your case, they can assist you with minimal hassles.

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